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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a merchant who has received a letter informing you of fees to certify PCI compliance, please be advised that the PCI Security Standards Council has no jurisdiction over these charges, nor does it take any part in the certification of PCI compliance. Any questions regarding fees charged to your account should be addressed directly with your payment card brand or acquiring bank.

Global Headquarters Address

PCI Security Standards Council, LLC
401 Edgewater Place
Suite 600
Wakefield, MA ABD 01880
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855
Merchant Validation Inquiries: +1-781-876-8855 1. seçenek

Regional Contacts

Europe: Jeremy King, VP, Regional Head for Europe
Email: europe@pcisecuritystandards.org

Brazil: Carlos Caetano, Associate Director - Brazil
Email: brazil@pcisecuritystandards.org

India: Nitin Bhatnagar, Associate Director - India
Email: india@pcisecuritystandards.org

Japan: Ryoji Ihara, Associate Director - Japan
Email: japan@pcisecuritystandards.org

Training and Qualification Programs

PCI Training Programs:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 5. seçenek
Email: training@pcisecuritystandards.org

3DS Assessor:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: 3DS@pcisecuritystandards.org

Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: asv@pcisecuritystandards.org

Card Production Security Assessor:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: pcicard@pcisecuritystandards.org

Internal Security Assessors (ISA):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: isa@pcisecuritystandards.org

PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: pfi@pcisecuritystandards.org

PCI Professional (PCIP):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: pcip@pcisecuritystandards.org

Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: qir@pcisecuritystandards.org

Qualified PIN Assessor:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: pcipin@pcisecuritystandards.org

Qualified Security Assessor (QSA):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: qsa@pcisecuritystandards.org

Software Security Framework Assessor:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: software@pcisecuritystandards.org

Software & Hardware Validation Programs

3DS Software Development Kits:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: 3DS@pcisecuritystandards.org

Card Production:
Email: pcicard@pcisecuritystandards.org

Payment Application (PA-QSA/PA-DSS):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: pa-dss@pcisecuritystandards.org

PIN Transaction Security (PTS):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: pcipts@pcisecuritystandards.org

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE):
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 3. seçenek
Email: p2pe@pcisecuritystandards.org

Software-Based PIN Entry on COTS (SPoC):
Email: spoc@pcisecuritystandards.org


Participating Organization (PO) Program:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 2. seçenek
Email: participation@pcisecuritystandards.org

Konuşma Fırsatları:
Telefon: +1-781-876-6224
Email: pcispeaking@pcisecuritystandards.org

Community Meeting:
Telefon: +1-781-876-8855 4. seçenek
Email: pcicm@pcisecuritystandards.org

Board of Advisors:
Email: boa@pcisecuritystandards.org

Press and Analyst Inquiries:
Contact: Lindsay Goodspeed
Email: press@pcisecuritystandards.org

PCI Translations:
Email: Translations@pcisecuritystandards.org

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Having a technical issue with the website?

Email: webmanager@pcisecuritystandards.org

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