PCI Security Standards Council®

Secure Technology

For the best protection use secure payment terminals, systems, and solutions, and make your data useless to criminals.

Technology Solutions

To help you identify secure technology products and solutions that protect payment data, the PCI SSC maintains listings of tested and approved products and solutions. Refer to the descriptions below for more information and to access the PCI SSC listings. 

Are you using PCI approved technology solutions to protect your payment data?

Technology Resources

Common Payment Systems

Use the Common Payment Systems guide to help you identify what type of payment system you use, your risk, and the recommended security tips as a starting point for conversations with your merchant bank and vendor partners.

Devalue the Data Infographic

Learn how to make your data worthless in the hands of criminals through tokenization, encryption and EMV chip technologies.

P2PE Solutions for Merchants

Learn how PCI P2PE solutions can you help you protect your customers’ payment data and simplify PCI DSS compliance efforts.

Download Case Studies

View WPM Education Case Study
View BKM of Turkey Case Study

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